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Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning process that pools the benefits of the use of different chemicals, a pressurized jet of hot water, and steam to remove grime from various materials and surfaces. Various kinds of cleaners are used for the job, determined by the specific situation.

Rug and Carpet Hot Water Vapor Treatment in RH5 - London

When it comes to cleaning carpets, water vapor cleaning is the most popular and universal method now a days. It is safe, effective and gentle and applicable for many carpets and fibers. The heat and the moisture help dissolve grime set into the strands of the carpet. Carpet steam cleaning machines use a solution of hot water and some type of carpet cleaning agent. The liquid is routed through high-pressure jets allowing the vaporized water to penetrate the strands of the rug and to slacken the grime. As the detergent dislodges the grime, the cleaner sucks with a strong vacuum to remove the now muddy water and excess detergent. The final result is a carpet that is thoroughly clean and will dry in an hour or two in most climates.

Steam carpet cleaning with purified water without detergents is recommended for recently purchased rugs to clean and sanitize before placing them in the rooms for regular use. One fringe benefit - the heat kills mite's eggs and larvae nested in the fabric. Cleaning carpets with hot water vapors gets rid of bad stale odors present in as well.

Drapes, Canopies and Curtains Cleaning Capel RH5

Steam cleaning works very well for cleaning interior textiles. Curtains and draperies materials absorb dust and they get easily stained, and soaked with unpleasant fumes and smells. In the majority of situations steam cleaning is the best and the most appropriate solution.

Thick bulky fabrics, for example, cannot be washed in the laundry machine at home in Capel - it does not have enough capacity for this task. If they are put through laundering, it is highly likely to get streaked soiled fabrics with multiple creases and wrinkles. And, there is always the risk of having the fabric color faded or leaked. The bottom line - ruined curtains.

Delicate materials like wool or silk will not withstand wet wash. It is always a good idea to keep the label with fabric care instructions. "Dry Clean Only" means just that - dry clean only. Save yourself the disaster of witnessing the last day of your expensive drapes. Hire a professional cleaner to do the job right. Steam cleaning is safe, effective and efficient way to clean most materials.

Additional bonus of cleaning curtains and window treatments with steam is the fact that all work is performed by our Capel teams with portable machines without taking off the curtains from the cornices. This saves a lot of time and frustration.

Just a suggestion - we recommend cleaning of recently purchased curtains with heated water vapor. Just consider this - chances are the material they are made of spent time lying around in dusty warehouses and stores. A through cleaning with purified water only, without detergents, is going to be of a great benefit. For the health of your loved ones, have them cleaned and disinfected upon installation.

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